Competitions and Trophies

Marching units and bands who register for The Warriors' Day Parade compete in various categories for trophies or plaques.

Judging is based on, (a) general effect and public reaction, (b) uniformity and correctness of dress and (c) drill, marching deportment and discipline. Musical performances of bands is not judged. Judges are located along the Parade route and marks are carefully compiled to determine the winners.

The Trophies were donated to the Parade by various organizations and individuals. Many were established as memorials and have an important provenance. Presentations are made at the annual awards banquet held annually each October.

The Warriors' Day Parade did not take place from 1944 to 1946 due to the occupation of the CNE grounds by Canada's military during WWII. In addition, the Parade did not take place in 2003 due to a massive power failure which affected millions of people in Canada and the U.S.A.

The competition categories and the awards are shown below. Click on the photo or description for historical information about the trophy and a history of the winners. Please note that these pages are a work in progress and will be further updated as research is completed.

Awards for Canadian Veterans' Associations Domiciled in Canada
Awards for Non-Veteran Units in Canada
Award for Non-Veteran Units
Awards for Allied & Visiting Units
Re-enactors and Living History Units
Mounted Units
Awarded by the Council